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A Short Story

The fact of the matter is that Elsa is the shit.

There is no question in his mind that his life can be divided into two parts: Before Elsa and After Elsa.

He is completely possessed, completely obsessed and no fucking body should even bother trying to talk him down…

A Short Story

Image: Canva

He rode on the horse, but he kept the woman walking ahead of him, always in sight. The dark, hand-braided rope that bound the entirety of her upper body was anchored at the other end of its length around his waist.

He knew she was too weak to get away…


A Short Story

Violet’s mother was dead so she was free now. The weeks since the funeral had been a trial, but now it was time.

Violet began her last day by exchanging her stiff black silk mourning dress and bonnet for a white cotton dress that would have well-suited a bride with simple tastes. When the maid finished dressing her, she’d examined her image in the mirror. She admitted that she was not what she…

Yup. It's the daily little things that tell the story far better than grand gestures ever could. Important to recognize your blessings, especially when they are low-key and do not announce themselves :)

In the midst of this pandemic and all the fallout, there has been a lot of personal tragedy and relationship meltdowns that had nothing to do with finances etc.. People basically discovered they didn't like who they were locked in with. No matter how big the house was.

Like you, I become conscious of how lucky I was to be stranded with exactly the right person.


A Short Story

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The sound that repeats itself, again and again, is stone striking sharply against stone. And a single drum beats a plaintive beat.

Lona peers down at her son’s beautiful face. The wind ruffles the rabbit fur collar of his coat, the whiteness of it stark against the rich brown of…

A Short Story

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Nicholas watched the young woman in the tight white jeans and bright red crop top as she sauntered toward his car. The high heels she wore made her legs look endless and the curve of her bare waist where it met her hips was a study in primal seduction. …


Robots always lie.

Lync repeated this to himself silently, his lips exaggerating every syllable of each word. If he said it enough times, it just might work. He could make it all the way back home to Haven City without asking the question.

He cut his eyes toward the immobile…

A short story

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After 2 hours on the jet, a handful of men and one woman walked across a tarmac to this helicopter. The entire shift of personnel and cargo from one to the other took exactly one minute. They were now 53 minutes into this second stage of the journey. She could…

A short story

Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash

“He’s just a friend.”

“Oh, don’t. Don’t even. I know all about this friend scam. I used to be your friend, remember? Back then it was that Per guy listening to you say, ‘Oh, Anders? He’s just a friend´.”

They stood on the balcony side by side, looking out across…

A short story

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

I told her. I warned her on the first day of her reign.

I did a handspring. Then a cartwheel and then a hop that landed me at her feet. I bowed and then looked up into the wide grey eyes of all her kind. …

Ingrid L. Williams

Storytelling, Startups, Norway and Life!

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